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Social Networking Strategy

Social Networking Strategy (SNS) (Miami-Dade & Broward)

Social Networking Strategy (SNS) is a prevention program in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties targeting black/African-American heterosexual women in particular. SNS is a strategy designed to reach and provide HIV Counseling Testing and Referrals (HIV CTR) to persons with undiagnosed HIV infection.

The goal is to enlist HIV-positive or high-risk HIV-negative persons (recruiters) to encourage people in their networks (i.e., network associates) to be tested for HIV and then linked for services. SNS strives to reach out to very high risk individuals who may be infected but unaware of their HIV status. Recruiters are provided with an orientation session that explains the nature of the program and the social networking techniques to approach their associates and discuss HIV testing. Posters and palm cards are used to raise awareness of this program to the target population. The Florida Department of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS is the sole funder of this project.

For more information call us at 305-576-1234 extension 291 or extension 246.

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