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 Dear SOBE Thrifty shopper,

 It is with deepest regret to inform you that Care Resource will be closing our SOBE THRIFTY store located on 1435 Alton Road in Miami Beach permanently during the last week of January.

 For over 25 years, our “SOBE Thrifty” location not only raised significant funds for our operations, it, provided household goods and clothing for our South Florida community, and in recent years, expanded to incorporate HIV testing and a one-stop shop for Trans-needs counseling.

 A big thank you goes out to all those within and outside the agency for making SOBE Thrifty an instrumental part of Care Resource for all of these years.  In fact, the stored was rated by the media as “the Best Place to Donate Your Clothes”, the “Best Cure For Shoppers Remorse” the Best Affordable Men’s Clothing Shop” , the “Best Thrift Shops in South Florida” and more. 

According to Lyzette Vellon-Sepulveda, Store Manager, “I started working at SOBE Thrifty in 2000 as a volunteer.  I then moved up as a Sales Associate, then as an Assistant Store Manager and then onto Manager. Since my time at SOBE Thrifty, the store has always changed according to the needs of the customers. As Care Resource has grown and evolved – so have we. Care Resource should be proud of all that was accomplished here. I am proud of my service. I have learned a lot, helped thousands of people from the community and will remember fondly all my local customers too.”

 The liquidation of the store will officially begin on December 1st. At that time, all women’s clothing will be marked at 75% off.  During the second week of December, all men’s clothing will be marked at 75% off. During the third week of December, the whole store including kitchenware and furniture will be marked at 75% off.  On January 2nd, the store will stop accepting donations. Please visit the store when you find a moment, say hello, thank the staff for all of their service and take advantage of the store’s savings.

Our not-for-profit agency has spent years building the infrastructure needed to benefit our diverse LGBT and less privileged community. The decision to close the store didn’t come lightly. 

 In the meantime, come take advantage of all of our great discounts!

 ”Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire


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