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Lead Patient Care Assistant


The Lead Patient Care Assistant supports the department by providing patient care including all clinical and administrative activities of the Medical Care and Research Department.


Front Desk and Administrative Duties:

  • Acts as a first level contact for the providers and supporting staff in trouble shooting issues.
  • Assists supervisor on staff management issues like selection, training, policy compliance, work environment, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Assist supervisor in tracking tasks assigned to supporting staff via Intergy by ensuring daily completion of tasks.
  • Ensures patients are properly checked-in patients for clinical visit via Electronic Health Records (EHR) system (i.e. Intergy).
  • Ensures patients are properly discharged (checked out) after every clinical visit (including via Intergy).
  • Schedules patients’ appointments (via telephone and/or in-person) and record in scheduler.
  • Updates patient’s demographic  in agency’s datasystems (Intergy/CaseWatch/Quest/Provide – as appropriate)
  • Collects and records co-payments, deductibles and other fees for services (i.e. medical records).
  • Closes out credit card machine and retrieves settlement receipt at the end of the workday then submits to Supervisor.
  • Assists patients in completion of medical intake documentation and records in agency system (i.e. Intergy, Provide).
  • Ensures patient documentation is fully completed and recorded via Intergy including new patients’ documentation.  
  • Researches insurance plan coverage, documents covered services in patient’s records and verifies patient insurance carrier prior to visit to ensure accurate billing.
  • Provides appropriate patients’ referrals and authorizations.
  • Records and maintains patient’s health records in agency’s databases (i.e. Intergy, Provide, Quest and other datasystems).
  • Assists supervisor in keeping offices clean and organized including opening facilities help desk tickets to resolve facilities issues.
  • Ensures that external 3rd party documentation (i.e. labs, consultations, reports) is collected and entered in patient’s EHR.
  • Opens daily journals for the collection of payments.
  • Records service deliveries in agency data systems (i.e. Provide – as appropriate)
  • Places reminder calls to patients prior to his/her scheduled appointment at least 24hrs. in advance.
  • Places orders for authorized and provider -requested medical supplies from approved vendors as required
  • Answers phones, checks and returns voice mail messages in a timely basis.
  • Responds to all correspondences and tasks (via letter, email, faxes) in a timely manner.

Clinical Duties:

  • Assists supervisor on the oversight of the clinical flow, daily functions of the medical office.
  • Assists in the communication, monitoring, and implementation of new clinical protocols within the medical department.  Assists supervisor and director with invoices for laboratory procedures.
  • Ensures lab results are retrieved daily (beginning of the workday).
  • Ensures all labs are manifested and transmitted at the close of business day.  
  • Maintain refrigerator ad freezer temperature log.
  • Assesses and documents patient’s chief complaint (purpose of visit) prior to every provider consultation (i.e. review of symptoms, updates medication list, updates allergies, and reviews upcoming health management needs as per the guidelines set up in Intergy).
  • Assesses patient’s primary complaint (purpose of visit) prior to consultation with provider.
  • Takes and records patient’s vital signs and weight at every visit; with the exception of visits for venipuncture(s) only.
  • Administers vaccines as instructed by the provider and records in patient’s electronic health records.
  • Ensures proper posting of charges based on services rendered in patient’s electronic health records.
  • Assists providers with all medical procedures, as requested (i.e. pap smears, colposcopies, ear irrigation, suture removal).
  • Collects and prepares laboratory specimens for transport.
  • Assures surgical and diagnostic referrals/authorizations from insurance carriers as required by 3rd party providers
  • Utilizes 3rd party lab vendor provided computer systems to route lab specimens to appropriate vendor for analysis.
  • Performs electrocardiogram (EKGs) as per provider’s request.
  • Logs medications received through the patient assistance program (PAP) and distributes to patients.
  • Sets up and stocks exam rooms as required.
  • Documents reported medications in Intergy and sends tasks to providers for refills.
  • Calls or fax prescriptions (including refills) to different pharmacies as authorized by the provider.
  • Sends tasks to providers for refills and/or prints prescriptions for provider’s signature.
  • Adds reported medications in patients’ EHR.
  • Conducts medications and all other clinical inventory.
  • Maintains cleanliness of rooms and equipment following patient examinations and/or procedures.

Quality Assurance/Compliance:

  • Represents the medical department at various in-service, trainings, meetings (i.e. IACT, Medical Peer Review).
  • Ensures that medical operations fully comply with Agency and HIPAA requirements.
  • Reviews patient’s records on a monthly basis for quality assurance compliance.
  • Ensures newly hired staff are trained on QA process (i.e. record review).
  • Promotes agency’s ancillary services (i.e. Nutrition, Dental, Psychosocial, Speciality Care) when clinically indicated and appropriate
  • Ensures that on-line trainings are current as required (Netsmart and other trainings).
  • Participates in agency developmental activities as requested.


 High school diploma required. At least four years of related work experience are preferred. Completion of Medical Assistant training is required. Biomedical Waste, OSHA and phlebotomy certifications are required. Bilingual (English-Spanish) is required. Computer knowledge should include Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel and use of agency databases (i.e. Intergy, Provide). Excellent problem solving, communication, organizational and teamwork skills are required. Ability to work with multicultural and diverse population is required. 

SALARY:   $16.00-$19.50 Hourly

LOCATION:  1901 SW 1st Street, Miami, FL 33135

Apply for this Career

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