On October 1, 2015, a key element of the health care system will undergo a major transformation. We will transition from the decades old ICD-9 set of diagnosis and inpatient procedure codes to the ICD-10 version which is currently used by most developed countries throughout the world. ICD-10 will allow for greater specificity and detail in describing a patient’s diagnosis and in classifying inpatient procedures so reimbursement can better reflect the intensity of a patient’s condition and diagnostic needs.

It is important to understand that this transition is not optional, and is being mandated by federal government to include all covered entities defined by HIPAA. Care Resource is a covered entity, and the agency will be focused on making ICD-10 a reality by the October deadline. A committee has been established to ensure the implementation process is as smooth as possible. For those of you who will be directly affected by ICD-10, trainings will be made available in the coming months. Please pay attention to policy and procedure changes to be communicated as we approach the deadline, and ask your supervisor if anything is unclear.

With your help, this will be a successful initiative!


Dr. Steven Santiago
Chief Medical Officer
Care Resource