1) How many sizes of condoms are there?

2) How effective are male condoms when used correctly?

3) At what point during sex should the condom be put on the penis?

4) If you wear two condoms it will give you twice as much protection

5) CDC’s recommendation for sexually active gay and bisexual men with multiple sex partners, or who inject drugs is to get tested:

6) You are three (3) times more likely to acquire HIV if you have an STD
True False

7) You can get HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes through oral sex

8) An HIV positive person may not show symptoms for years. The only way for you or your partner to be sure is to get tested.

9) If I’m receiving treatment and taking my medication, I cannot spread the HIV virus

10) Match the labels with the condom typescondom types

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