Care Resource’s AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) workshop series is a unique opportunity where LGBT health insurance consumers can learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace in the special enrollment period from January – October 2016.

According Marcos Rivero, Health Insurance Specialist with Care Resource, “The purpose of this workshop is to educate and help the LGBT community find the best coverage that fits their budget while meeting their medical needs. In addition; we will help and encourage the consumers in creating a login account with marketplace ahead of time and this way we can expedite the enrollment process starting in November 2016.”

The goal of this program is to help individuals who did not enroll in the last open enrollment period. The ACA also specifically benefits LGBT communities by addressing insurance market issues that previously prevented many individuals from accessing the coverage and care they needed. This workshop will bridge that gap and more.

The Special Enrollment Period is a time outside of the open enrollment period during which one and their family can sign up for health coverage. In the Marketplace, one can qualify for a special enrollment period 60 days following certain life events that involve a change in family status (for example, marriage or birth of a child) or loss of other health coverage. Job-based plans must provide a special enrollment period of 30 days.

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 9th from 4pm – 5pm at the Care Resource Midtown Miami office located at 3510 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, FL 33137.

For more information, please contact Marcos Rivero at (305) 576-1234 Ext 191 or via e-mail at