uc_workshopCare Resource is a proud sponsor and participant in Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida’s STATE of HATE Workshop on Saturday, August 6th, 9am-1pm at Miami Beach Community Church, Hice Hall – 1620 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140.

The STATE of HATE Workshop is a 4 hour accredited workshop on Crime & Discrimination, Sexual Orientation, Labels & Perception and how to improve community relations & reduce attacks to our community. It is an open & honest review through a series of exercises & panel discussions. The goal is to develop skills to better identify bias & discrimination, how it is reported & recorded, and how to better protect & educate our community.

During the workshop, Care Resource’s Behavioral Health Team is speaking about Grief & Mental Health Support. At Care Resource, we understand how emotional or mental health issues can affect one’s life and the lives of those one cares about. That’s why our caring team is poised in providing the support and high-quality treatment that only skilled behavioral health professionals can give. We provide help, hope and the path to wellness close to home, throughout South Florida.

According to Janelle Job, MSW/ISW, Behavioral Health Services Manager with Care Resource, “Our department provides sound, competent, compassionate and committed mental health care to all clients in need and the community at large who are interested in services with the agency. We provide, outpatient Individual Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, Family (women and children), Couples and Group Counseling. All Care Resource locations have counseling services available except for the Miami Beach office at this time. We currently have 10 clinical providers located across 3 locations which include Miami-Midtown, Little Havana and Broward. All potential patients are able to complete the agency’s registration process for services, which include a PHQ9 Depression Questionnaire, CAGE-AID, a Sexual/Behavioral/Environmental Screening and a Tobacco Screening. Based on the results of each screening the patient assesses the need for further services. A Behavioral Health Intake Process is then completed which includes an assessment to determine next steps for treatment planning. We are available and ready to provide the tool necessary for improved and efficient daily functioning. Therapy is more than just talking it requires full participation and reinforcement of what is taught once a patient leaves our office.”

This event began in 2011 to bring together local, state & federal law enforcement leaders, community organizations, business owners & activists together – to better understand the processes, relationships, reporting and prevention of Hate Crimes, Bullying & more in our community. In light of recent events, we feel this takes on an even stronger & personal need for our community at this time. As a direct result of the first State of Hate workshops, the Miami Beach Police Department updated reporting to include required check-off box on hate crime reporting when field tablets were introduced to the process, and communication improved between the different agencies – something that was lacking prior.

Care Resource is most inspired by the ability to bring much needed healthcare services to vulnerable families and individuals in our South Florida community. Our dedicated Providers go the extra mile each day to be welcoming, thorough and compassionate as they improve health care in our community. Our staff brings meaning to “healthcare from the heart”, every day. Visit our patient portal to connect with Care Resource in a convenient, safe, and secure environment to communicate, access medical records, schedule an appointment, renew medications and more. Click here for portal: https://careresource.portalforpatients.com/portal/default.aspx

Through education, prevention, research, care and treatment and support services, Care Resource improves upon the health and overall quality of life of our diverse South Florida communities in need. Care Resource is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We have four (4) facilities, including: Miami-Dade, Little Havana-(Miami-Dade), Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We provide comprehensive health and support services to address the full health care needs of our pediatric, adolescent and adult populations.