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Peer Navigator


 The Peer Navigator is responsible for ensuring HIV positive clients are linked, retained or reconnected to care. Once in care, peer navigator will help to ensure these clients are engaging with the HIV healthcare system in order to improve their healthcare outcomes and overall quality of life. S/he will also be responsible for providing emotional and educational support for clients who are HIV positive and have mental health, substance abuse and homelessness issues. He/She also is responsible for assisting in the intake process to the agency of patient choice by gathering documentation and by providing support in order to expedite service delivery. 


Outreach and Linkage

  • Identifies patients, who have been lost to care, or newly diagnosed with HIV and need navigation in order to get into HIV care. 
  • Facilitates a welcome into the agency of patient choice and either provides or facilitates orientation/education regarding the agency and its services.  
  • Accompanies clients to medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment or social service appointments in order to improve attendance.
  • Helps clients to schedule medical and other appointments and follows up with providers to ensure clients attend appointments.
  • Contacts clients to verify and/or reminds them of appointments with other departments or other agencies.
  • Communicates with clients one to three days before a foreseen hurricane/natural disaster according to emergency plan procedure.

Health Education and Navigation

  • Provides information and emotional support to patients through shared experiences using encouragement, reinforcement of healthful behaviors and helps to decrease client isolation.
  • Provides emotional and educational support to patients who have mental health, substance abuse and homelessness issues.
  • Serves as mentor regarding interaction with medical providers, helping patients prepare for visits and then debriefing what happened, depending on patient need.
  • Provides educational support to clients to enhance their knowledge and understanding of medication protocols, side effects and adherence. 
  • Walks clients through initial appointments for medical care or other social services in order to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of initial steps that need to be taken to obtain appropriate services. 
  • Keeps track of patients adherence through approved documentation.
  • Educates new clients on the care process and what to expect from the HIV service delivery system. 
  • Participates in staff training sessions and other meetings as required by the agency and/or the funding sources.
  • Maintains an active caseload (contact weekly) of at least 20 clients or the part time equivalent for part time staff.
  • Maintains at least 45% of caseload with undetectable viral loads and at least 80% of clients in medical care.


  • Attends and contributes to successful weekly coordination meetings with Florida Health PROACT Staff.
  • Collaborates with the Florida Health Nurse in support of Modified Directly Observed Therapy.
  • Provides culturally competent peer navigation services in a variety of community settings.

Documentation, Compliance and Quality Assurance

  • Maintains Timely, Accurate, Legible and Clear chart documentation according to agency and funder requirements.
  • Maintains record keeping requirements and assists with chart reviews for Q/A purposes as requested.
  • Provides supervisor with information needed for end of month reporting and/or participates in program evaluation as requested.
  • Assists in collecting client satisfaction survey data from assigned patients as requested.


  • Participates in all safety programs which may include assignment to an emergency response team
  • Acts upon assigned role in Emergency Code System
  • Understands and performs assigned role in Agency Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • Ensures proper hand washing according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.
  • Documents patient’s medications correctly, Makes sure each patient knows which medicines to take when they are at home and encourages each patient to bring their up-to-date list of medicines every time they visit the doctor.
  • Ensures each new client receives screening for their risk for suicide.


High school diploma required. One year of related experience working in programs with at risk populations and performing outreach is required. Knowledge and trainings in HIV/AIDS are required. Must attend required trainings HIV 104; 500; 501, Peer Training (5 days), Motivational Interviewing (2 days) within assigned timeframes. Proper driver license and clean driving record are required. Bilingual (English-Spanish/English Creole) highly preferred. Computer knowledge should include Microsoft Word and Excel. Good communication, problem solving, team work and organizational skills are required in order to engage participants. Ability to work with multicultural and diverse population is required. Must be self-motivated, detail oriented, able to travel locally and work flexible hours. Own transportation is required.

 SALARY: $10.50 – $12.50 per hour

LOCATION: 871 West Oakland Park Blvd Fort Luaderdale, FL 33311

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